Crafty Bunny a.k.a. “Die Muishond”

Step by step tutorial for tying the Crafty Bunny a.k.a. “Die Muishond”

HOOK: Gamakatsu B10S, #4 or AWA SHIMA 42-8714, #2
140mm Ultra thread in black or olive
4mm Ufudu real dumbbells – tied underneath the hook shank
2cm black zonker strip
Hairline ICE DUB Minnow back shimmer flash
Dubbing loop craft fur brush


Step 1
Cover the shank with a layer of thread and figure of eight a pair of real
eyes to the bottom of the shank about 4-5mm from the hook eye. We mostly use 4mm “Real Eyes” obtainable from UFUDU.

Prepare the hook

Die Muishond – Step 1

Step 2
Tie in a loop of 20-30 pound mono to the rear end of the hook to act as a
tail wrapping guard. I use 30 pound Maxima.
You can also attach a short piece of the same Mono to the front by flattening a
4mm section pushing the Mono through the eye and wrapping over the flattened
section to act as a weed guard. You can also postpone this step till later. This
is also the time to include some turns of lead wire behind the eyes if you are
aiming for a heavier version.

Die Muishond - Step 2

Die Muishond – Step 2

Step 3
Tie in some flashy material above the weed guard and then tie in a Rabbit
strip of approximately 3cm. In this picture I have pushed the weed guard back
into the eye to keep it out of the way for the following steps.


Die Muishond – Step 3

Step 4
Double up your thread to create a dubbing loop and insert your dubbing


Die Muishond – Step 4

Step 5
Cut up a few pieces of flash to mix with the craft fur. Insert craft fur mixed with flash of your choice and spin to form a Craft Fur Brush and comb it out with a dubbing brush, copper brush or comb.


Die Muishond – Step 5

Step 6
Wrap the brush forward whilst continuously stroking it backwards and
combing to loosen trapped material. If you have omitted the weed guard tie it in
before you wrap over the eyes, if already tied in then wrap over the eyes with
the brush in a figure of eight fashion, once under and in front of the eyes and
tie it off. Keeping the weed-guard at an angle.


Die Muishond – Step 6a

Brushing back the fur with your fingers.

Die Muishond – Step 6b

Step 7
Trim the fly to the desired shape (I like a fairly tightly trimmed
bullet shape).

Trim the fly

Die Muishond – Step 7

This pattern is nothing new and merely combines a few of the traits of several
Largie favourites in one attractive package. Most other Largie streamer patterns
would probably have delivered the same results but it has been very effective
this summer and has accounted for more than 60 Largemouths and many big
Smallmouths between 3 anglers since January. It should be a welcome addition to
any Largie hunter’s arsenal.


Crafty Bunny a.k.a Die Muishond

Black has been our favourite colour mostly due to the relatively poor visibility
in the river the whole season but olives and combinations of olive and black
have been equally effective. More natural colours such as whites and greys and
grizzlies would probably be effective in clearer conditions as well.



Nice Smallie with the “Muishond” dangling from it’s upper lip.


Another victim of the “Muishond”.


lm c

A nice Largemouth which fell victim to a Tungsten eyed Muishond

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