Garden route report

Good day

I hope all of you had a awesome holiday with friends and family!

I was lucky enough to fish the garden route while I was on my holiday and had a great time fishing the salt.  The weather was incredible and the fish where willing to take the fly!

My target species for the week or so was the Garrick. Now these fish are super fast and aggressive predators. The estuaries in the Southern Cape are packed with them and if you put in the hard work you will be rewarded!

Most of my fishing was done early in the morning and late afternoons and the fish were more active on a dropping tide the reason for this was most of the bait fish were concentrated on the sand banks on the high tide and with the dropping tide it forced them of the sand bank into the channels where the garrick were waiting for them.

I was joined by Erich for a few fishing sessions and I just want to say thank you for the company we had a absolute ball one afternoon taking a number of fish!

The garden route is a special place and I highly recommend taking the family for a holiday!

I have a few tips for you if you consider fishing the area.

1. Gear- fish a 7wt and 10wt/9wt floating line or intermediate

2. Learn to cast a full fly line before you go on holiday most of the fish were taken between 15 and 25m out.

3. A stripping basket is a must and a double handed strip will give you the speed on the fly.

4. Flies top water flies like flipper, crease flies and standard poppers work really well  and clousers in chartreuse.

Tight loops





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