What a memorable long weekend, and what a way to spend it at our favourite Yellow fish venue with good friends!

Tinus, IW ,Trompie and I arrived on Thursday evening and after pitching our tents we decided to hit the water at about 23hoo as the fish were rising everywhere and we could not resist the temptation!

Tinus and I missed a few takes on black Hoppers and Beetle patterns or rather the fish missed the flies and we decided to head for the dam wall where there was some light reflected on the water. We were surprised to find the Yellows quite eager, willing and able and we each boated 4 before we decided to hit the sack. IW and Trompietried another area and also missed some strikes but it seemed that either a full moon or some artificial light is required to be really successful at night.

We hit the water early the next morning after almost zero sleep and we had quite a good day ,the fish were not as prolific on the surface as expected but everyone managed to land a few big fish on Hoppers ,next day we experienced a storm second to none but we managed good fish on surface and submerged flies and it turned out quite satisfactory. We managed a few good Largemouths as well with Tinus hooking a 3kg fish from a submerged tree on a Woolly Bugger.IW and Trompie did not travel as much as Tinus and I but their strategy also paid off and they took numbers of fish on Beetles and Hoppers and were taken to the cleaners often quite close to the campsite.Another good friend joined us on Friday-Gerhard and he was rearing to go.

The next day we sight fished to lovely yellows feeding on flying Ants and this was fantastic fishing, there was also a hatch of unknown Moths which were very similar to Caddis but lacked the characteristic tent wing shape as well as long antennae of adult Caddis. The fish were taking these Moths all along the shoreline and were also smashing the hatching pupae in the surface film .The fishing was challenging but extremely exciting and rewarding as they often smashed a pupae or adult Moth and immediately headed back to the depths again which made accurate targeting very difficult. Some however were chasing fluttering Moths and an accurately presented fly resulted in a hair raising and exhilaratingattack. That night an electric storm with heavy rain hit us and we were cowering in our tents and praying for the morning to arrive, which did, perfectly clear and with no clouds in sight and almost zero wind. This was our last day and Tinus and I decided to target some submerged structure in the form of old diamond excavations which we happened upon the previous day. This proved a good choice as Tinus managed to take three beautiful Largemouths over 3kg’s on a rubber legged Bugger.I was less fortunate and only managed a smallish Smallmouth Yellow.We will however re-visit these areas again especially in wintertime for Large mouths.We then headed for the shoreline where the Yellows were smashing Moths and I redeemed myself with a skating Caddis pattern which they could not resist ,the takes were vicious and exciting and this was a fitting end to a great weekend .

This was IW and Trompies first Taung and first Stillwater trip ,needless to say ,they will be back!

All the days produced quality fishing, what more could we have hoped for? Next trip planned for 11 January .

Merry Christmas and tight lines in the New year!!




Short report

We have been super busy at work the last few weeks and time was no friend of mine but we managed to wet a loop.

We had some super fishing and we managed to land and release some awesome fish.

Weather wise we fished really rainy conditions and on those days you think you should really stay at home we had our best fishing!

Most of the fish where caught on weightless PTN variations in natural or hot spot and little black mayfly patterns.

Mustard caddis patterns tied on a small circle hook also produced some good fish.

I just want to say thank you to Rob, Gusti and Eugene for making every trip a total pleasure.

PS check it out – Espresso on the river!

Tight loops and happy holidays