Vaal is looking good!

We had a nice afternoons fishing at one of our spots and it was a jol. Most of the fish were taken on various small weightless point flies and we were lucky enough to take a few fish on dry as well, the Vaal is looking good with plenty of bug life and some healthy fish.
A big thanks to the guys for making it a super outing , it was also a pleasure having Erich fish with us!

– Wentzel Vermeulen

Taung Dam

The long weekend (22-24 September 2012) was eagerly awaited by a group of Windknot members and friends. Weather predictions were not too encouraging as it showed fairly strong winds predicted for the Friday and Saturday pushing in a cold front so we realised we could expect slow fishing.

Piet and I reached the dam at about 15h30 on the Friday afternoon and the beautiful impoundment surrounded by Northern Cape thorny bush with budding leaves greeted us, the water looked amazing with a moderate wind blowing from the direction of the dam wall. Erlank was already there but he had no floatation device and tried to coach a yellow to the fly from the side in vain. We hastily set up camp and assembled the inflatable for a late afternoon’s hour of fishing.

We managed to catch three very big Smallmouths before last light and were suddenly more optimistic about the weekend.

Our other friends arrived during the night and as a result it turned out to be a very late night for all of us. The wind gave us some respite during the morning and a few decent fish were taken, some even on Hopper, then a fairly strong and cold wind started blowing which had a negative effect on the fishing, most guys however caught fish and some even managed 10 and more fish, which is not bad for this time of year and poor conditions. Saturday evening we ended up being eleven guys around the camp fire and it was great to share our experiences with like-minded individuals over a cold one around the camp fire. Sunday was a beautiful day with most guys taking fair numbers of fish; we also discovered huge shoals of Smallmouths concentrated at a depth of about 4 metres around a point, probably feasting on Daphnia blooms and small bait fish.

We anchored here and each landed about ten fish before we decided to move on to more challenging adversaries. These fish were aggressive and hungry and we caught them on anything from big Craft Fur Minnows to small Damsel patterns. Most of the guys had a fairly good day with up to 15 fish per person being landed, mostly Smallmouths with a few small Largemouths. Piet Boshoff landed a huge 3.1 kg hog Largemouth Bass on a woolly bugger.

On Monday Tinus and I decided to take Piet van der Merwe and a youngster who had never fly-fished with us to show them a few spots and tricks of the trade as they had been suffering for two days to get fish. We soon realised that the fishing was going to be very tough as we could not manage to coach any fish to the fly in our best spots. We directed them to the point where the Smallies were staging the previous day in the hope that they were still there whilst we prospected some other bays and points on the way.

When we joined them later we were elated to see that they had both taken nice fish and they were smiling from ear to ear. We joined the action and it was soon evident that taking a large number of fish was definitely not going to be difficult. We landed about 70 fish between the four of us before we decided to rather move elsewhere in search of surface feeding fish as it was ridiculously easy to entice these shoaling fish to the fly.

We saw a few fish and spooked some on the surface and Piet even managed to land a Carp he had foul hooked of more than 4kg before we had to call it a day. All in all a great weekend and a nice appetiser to what promises to be a cracking season on Taung dam.
– Marius Rousseau

– Fotos: Piet van der Merwe

Elgro/Windknot Festival

What a festival! To use the words of my children, we had an awesome festival!

The guests arrived at Elgro River Lodge on Thursday evening and were greeted by the extremely helpful staff, everyone got their goody bags, rooms were sorted and soon Kobus Fourie got us all together for the official welcome and some exciting news related to the week-end.

Right from the start it promised to be the best festival yet, and the program reflected this. There was a twist this year, apart from all the other “social arrangements and entertainment” there was also a special prize for the angler who caught the most species during the festival.

Friday morning, after a great breakfast, everyone headed to the water with enthusiasm. There were seasoned veterans amongst us, but also a few people new to the sport, but it did not take long for the guides to sort everyone out. Some cloud cover was to be had in the morning, but it was nice and warm and it didn’t take long before people started picking up the fish.
One group we dropped of at a beat got multiple fish within minutes of being on the water!

Around midday the weather took a turn for the worst with a cold front followed by a thunderstorm chasing everyone off the water. That was it for the days fishing.
One group stuck it out on the Nuweplaas beat, but the fish were not willing to come to fly after that cold spell and bit of rain.

The evening, however, more than made up for it!
We were entertained at the barn with, again, some awesome food and light entertainment while we socialized and mostly lamented “the one that got away”.

After breakfast on Saturday it was clear that the flow of the river had gone up and after some early success people reported that the cold of the previous day and the rise in water caused the temperature of the water to drop.
It was a struggle to get fish, but the persistent fly-fisherman got his fish none the less. Later in the day there were reports of people doing very well, especially at De Wets with a few people there into double figures, one person even went way past twenty fish for the day!

At the prize giving the evening everyone was in high spirit, good fishing, good fellowship and very good all round catering.
Now it was time to crown the fly-fisherman who caught the most species during the festival. That honour went to Marius Rousseau, a Windknot member and guide at the festival.
He caught no less than four species! Two largemouth Yellowfish, a bunch of Smallmouth Yellowfish with a best of 3,2 kg, a few Muddies and a good sized Carp! All this in one morning of fishing! Truly an astounding achievement by anyone’s standards.
All the angles who receive this title at the festival from now on will have their names immortalised on a honours roll at the Elgro River Lodge with Marius being the first on that list of distinguished fly-fisherman. Congratulations!

For more photos, head on over to the gallery and look under the 2012 Elgro/Windknot Festival folder. I’ll update it on Monday.

Thanks goes out to every member and the staff at Elgro River Lodge who made this possible. What a memorable week-end! Awesome…

Oord Nebo

Herman and I fished Oord Nebo today, and I must say, it was a welcome break from my busy schedule!
It has been ages since I last fished and in no time flat we were on the water, just past 08h00.
It was a warm day, the water still no as warm as one would have liked this time of the year with very few fish spawning. Some carp were active spawning higher up the river.

At first fishing was very slow, none of the usual flies worked, but later the morning Herman got into the fish and landed a couple before we headed back for lunch.
After lunch we started the bottom section of the river again and finally I got into the fish as well. I had a bumper afternoon with Herman also getting a few fish.
Best fish for the day for Herman was a 3,8kg Carp and for me a 3,2kg Smallmouth Yellow fish.

Flies of the day were anything Chartreuses, caddis and nymphs, with light olive also delivering.
Here is a fish, that against all odds, survives in the river and seems none the worse for wear with a gaping hole where the gill plate should have been!

Taking a picture one-handed is an art I tell you.

Beautiful, healthy muddy caught on an #14 olive nymph.

Happy healthy fish

We fished Wag ‘n Biekie Sunday.  I realised again that this is a spot with some serious fish and one needs to tackle up. The day started windless and beautiful with no clouds in sight. We started fishing the normal section’s and realised that most of the fish were still in the deeper faster runs and heavy weighted flies were the order of the day. The fishing on the day was good and most of the group landed and released one or two fish. The fish were fat and healthy and some of them lazy as well. Flies that worked well on the day were patterns with hot orange indicators tied in and darker control flies.

Tight loops

Ps take note that we are moving into the spawning season and some fish have started to spawn so try and stay away from spawning fish and spawning beds and gravel areas

Quick report by Mr Loubser


With an overcast sky and not knowing if the flow rate was down after the rain I went to Oord Nebo on Friday 21st. On arrival there were already two bakkies in the camping area and the flow rate was acceptable. The carp were spawning but I did not notice any SM’s spawning. Fifteen munites later I made my first cast and within 20 minutes I caught the first of five SM’s. PTN Hotspots fared best, but I had to concentrate to detect takes because the takes were very inconspicuous and the strike indicator did almost nothing to help detect strikes! Later in the day I noticed a few SM’s spawning in a small riffle and decided to call it a day at around 3:15.
Joggie’s work interferes with his fishing lately so I am on my own most of the time and do not have a camera to take some photos. If Joggie gets his priorities right, I may have some photo’s to post in future!!!

Herman Loubser

Ah finally


So lads and ladies I’m back and sorry for the delay in some reports, being a part time student and working I had few assignments due.

Here are  a few reports from the last few weeks.