Laregmouth Feast!

This was a dry dreary, depressing winter as far as Largemouth fishing is concerned. In our area or within a 40km radius of Klerksdorp the river has not cleared sufficiently to make it a viable proposition to try and target them successfully. It all boiled down to pure luck if you happened to nail one as the visibility for stripping streamers just has not been sufficient.

We made a few fruitless trips until yesterday when I decided to explore further afield to see if the water clarity was better. We have been receiving some news and photographs of monster fish taken above Schoemansdrift and we headed there

Well, to cut a long story short, there were three Largemouths who were obliging and willing to break my long drought and I had one of the most amazing and satisfying 20 minutes of fishing I have ever had on the Vaal.

The black “Muishond” again produced the goods!

– Marius

7 pounder 16 Pounder 18.3 Pounder

Largemouth update

Some of the readers might have wondered if the Largemouth bonanza was but a fleeting affair,well, luckily it wasn’t .IW and I have been catching Largemouths on a fairly regular basis but they have proven to be as elusive and as temperamental as always .Fish of over 8 pounds have been few and far between. Wentzel also boated his first Largie of about 3kg’ and he was over the moon. The fish of a thousand or is it a million casts !

But, when you spend enough time on the water and you have a good idea where they will turn up eventually ,and you happen to be on the water at that specific time and place –Halleluja!

Such a day was Friday 08 March, the wind was howling but we managed to get off early and we headed off to the river with a lot of enthusiasm and a freight load of flies. I had foul hooked a huge Largemouth who must have just missed the fly the previous weekend and managed to boat a single scale which would in my opinion have been fitting armour for a monster fish well over 10kg’,and I also landed 4 smaller fish in the same area. This was the reason for our frenzied haste. I had this nagging feeling that they were going to be active that afternoon.

We hit the river at about 14h00 and we fished our way up to the promising area with no fish and a heck of a tail wind. When we drew close we saw two big fish porpoising in the big waves created by the wind. We could however not elicit any strikes, we saw some small baitfish jumping in the same area and we were still positive as we slowly made our way upstream.

Suddenly a fish showed itself only a leader length away from the boat and IW indicated where it was as he had a long line out and was unable to cover it.I flicked the Crafty Bunny out and it turned and grabbed the fly on the second attempt .I asked IW to drop the anchor while I played the silver specimen of approximately three kilo’s. As soon as I released it I made a long cast across and upstream and just started a jerky retrieve when a big Smallmouth hit the fly ,when it came close I noticed a huge yellow following it and I knew this was a big Largemouth attracted to the commotion. The Smallie came off and IW and I both launched a cast in the same vicinity, a big fish nailed IW’s fly and he was extatic when he could finally bring it to hand, we took a few photos of this beautie of approximately 15 pounds and I was next with a fish of about 12 pounds, then we landed fish of about 8 pounds and a fish of close on 10 pounds. We ended the day with 7 Largies and a Smallmouth.



This was different to our first encounter in January where the fish were holding tight to structure and accurate casts were important to ensure success. These fish were hunting and feeding in open water with a rocky bottom and scattered submerged reefs and pinnacles. All the fish were taken on a Crafty Bunny fly.crafty bunny

I could not fish over the weekend but they were conspicuous in their absence as the same area produced only two baby Largemouths for a number of Anglers. Such is the nature of the beast!


Tight lines ,


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