Essential Fly Tying Techniques by Tim Rolston

Tim has 40 years experience of fly fishing and tying and has competed at World Championship and Commonwealth Championship events. He writes a regular newspaper column and has published both traditional and eBooks on a variety of fly fishing, fly casting and fly tying subjects. He also runs a guiding operation for visiting anglers on his home waters outside of Cape Town. This is his first eBook on fly tying.

What makes this book different is that three forms of communication is used to communicate with “readers”: Detailed text instructions, graphics and video clips. Simply insert the disc into your computer’s CD ROM and a PDF file is opened with detailed descriptions on how to use the book and how to activate the video clips.

The contents consists of 80+ full colour graphics, 30+ video clips, 24+ techniques and 14 completed flies. The text is well written and easy to follow. The graphics are detailed and clear and the video clips will certainly help beginner fly tyers and more experienced tyers to tie better flies. The quality of the video material is not very high, but it is still good enough to clearly see what is demonstrated.

At R 200 it is not cheap, but it can certainly add more than R 200 worth of skills to any but the most experienced fly tyers.

You can get the eBook at

Book Reviewed by Herman Loubser